Concept for an all-night printing store.

For all you last minute idiots: Quality Printing & finishes, Origin Coffee, My Sugar treats - everything a designer needs at 2am. Every designer regrets and knows that they’re an idiot for leaving their project for the last minute when they know that they’ll need high quality printing. The countless times where I’ve first handedly experienced running around waiting for print stores to open at 8am demanding my job be done within an hour. We always kick ourselves.

Fool, open from 21:00 - 06:00, is a concept store that was created out of the frustration that there is no print store (at least not anywhere that I can find) open in Cape Town past 21:00. As well as the fact that all the good coffee stores close at 17:00. Where am I supposed to get great coffee at midnight while powering through the project I left for the last minute?

Some thoughts

It was really refreshing working on my own after doing group work for so long. I doubted that I could work on my own as I obviously wasn’t able to produce the same quantity of work I was able to when working in groups.

But then to my surprise (after almost not submitting it - thanks to Ayesha who convinced me in the end), it got me to the finals of Loeries 2017.

And so I got on my very first plane trip to Durban, and won a silver Loerie for “Logo and Identity Programmes.” The only silver in my category and no golds.

In studio

The next few images are from in studio and how I went about creating the shots.