Log into the Hotel.
D&AD brief to "get millenials to come to stuffy hotels.”

Group Credits

We chose the Crowne Plaza brief for D&AD. Our brief: "get millenials to come to stuffy hotels.” Introducing: Log into the Hotel.

Crowne Plaza needed a refresh. We conceptualised a seamless hotel experience that means less fuss and more time for work and play.

By making use of technology we already carry in our pockets we can make hotels great again. By utilising the Internet of Things through geolocation, Wifi, NFC and Pixels tracking technology, you can intuitively interact with your environment and the hotel in ways you could never before.

Taking it further

We also took the project a step further and re-did all their branding to fit the new space we invisioned for the hotel. In millenial pink. This was the first proper photoshoot we did at varsity. It turned out pretty successful. It was a massive learning curve for us.

And if it wasn’t clear already to me, this project confirmed: DEATH TO MOCKUPS.

From this project forward, I refused to ever mockup anything. Mockups kills any potential for art direction it’s actually fun to make your things.

Fun fact

This project drained me of everything I had, and made me a miserable person.

In studio

The next few images are us in studio and how we went about creating the shots.