An agency identity project for Brand Challenge.

Group Credits

We decided to ditch the common agency themes of "creative and strategists converging," and poked fun at common design terms.

The advertising industry is filled with people in cheap suits who play lapdog with their clients — all while the interests of the consumer gets lost in between words like "design thinking" and "disruption".

Human nature is seeing something you like and saying NICE, and when something is that simple it makes the most sense. We believe in speaking people-speak - that means not right-clicking on "good" and "nice" to find synonyms to impress you with words that nobody understands. Our people-first approach to communication means creating work that is more human.

Brief requirement

A0 poster with our agency brand blueprint outlined. This identity aslo had to be carried out in client presentations.

Process thoughts

We decided that pink is the nicest colour around at the moment and did everything in mono-colour. We sourced and printed everything directly onto pink paper. Included along with who we are and our values, we banned some words: disruption. design-thinking. nuance. systemic-thinking. paradigm. All these things that no-one actually understands unless they studied strategy from a textbook.

Everything we did was simply nice and we said things exactly how we would in conversation. No robotic rehearsed scripts for presentations. We just chatted (we even bought our clients coffee and brownies). Our work and the way we spoke were relatable. And that's the only way to really go about doing things. It's about who you are and not what you do that makes the biggest difference in branding.

Having some fun

So after brand challenge, we figured that this identity was the perfect excuse to make really nice content. So we made more things like business cards and letterheads.

For this shoot, all the content was decided on based off whether when someone looked at the shot, they should say “wow that’s nice.”

I got my lovely sister to bake cookies for us while I painted army men and letters in pink. I also forgot about making flapjacks, so guess what I had to do at 6:30am.

We spent a whole day driving up and down Cape Town, 4 days before in studio, buying everything for the shoot (everything except the doughnuts of course). Those needed to be fresh so that we could eat it afterwards.

We were in studio for 11 hours and came out with 15 shots. We had pre-planned everything and even had a production list with the order we were taking our shots in. All our assets were painted, and cookies were cut before, so it was a matter of just placing everything the way we had drawn it.

"That's nice"

This was by far my favourite project of my student career, and exactly what I'd love to do with my life. Just making really cool content for brands. Content that is fun, and breaks through the generic clutter on Instagram.

In studio

The next few images are us in studio and how we went about creating the shots.

A shout out to my sister who spent the whole day in studio with pink hands.